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Before upgrading, please refer to this article: Calnex SNE: How do I upgrade the firmware?


Version 13.0

This release requires a license in order to operate. Please email Calnex Support to request your license and a link to download the firmware. When emailing, please state your name, company and the serial numbers of all your SNEs.


  • Added Wireshark support (launches Wireshark client on the controlling PC and sends packet data to it)

  • Added admin and password authentication support

  • Added new licensing support

  • Updated firmware upgrade page

  • Generic Packet Modifier - Added ability to randomise / increment / decrement byte values

  • Enhanced PCAP format support

  • Enhanced Packet Corruptor functionality

  • Enhanced map import / export capability

7.x Features not included in this release

  • Timeline automation

  • Virtual Routing

  • SNMP traps

  • PTP synchronisation

Version 11.0

First full release of the Web UI. Contains all the major impairments, filters, statistical graphs, traffic generators, Traffic Capture and Replay. See “7.x features not included in this WebUI release” below for a short list of notable omissions.


  • Completely overhauled user interface, now accessed from a standard web browser

  • Greatly enhanced editing functions (group select, copy / paste, zoom, undo previous actions)

  • Dashboard shows layout of network cards along with their status (including port reservation status)

  • Two different themes (light theme and dark theme) to suit users' individual preferences

  • Integrated help system

  • HTTPS support

  • Remote Control API additions: StopAsync and Status endpoints (for maps with large delays), also the ability to retrieve statistics for individual impairments or whole maps


  • Wireshark

  • Timeline automation

  • Virtual Routing

  • SNMP traps

  • PTP synchronisation

Version 7.0


  • Bandwidth Throttle now supports up to 20MB input buffer

  • In multi-user mode, port reservation can now be performed via the REST API

  • Updated Start / End Point statistics, added individual / global port statistics reset, added individual / global port link reset (via right-click)

  • MPEG H.264 impairment re-implemented. Added H.265 dynamic payload and H.265 support

  • Added new Markov Packet Drop mode

  • Accumulate and Burst impairment how supports delay time of up to 1 second


  • RESTful Remote Control API

  • Link Flapping (via API)

  • Jumbo Frame Mode, supporting Ethernet frames up to 9216 bytes

  • Ability to download logs for support


  • Increased the Standard Frame Mode Ethernet frame size, supporting up to 1536 bytes

  • Enhanced Idle Traffic Flow behavior

  • Added VLAN tag support in Ethernet Fragmentation impairment

  • Enhanced performance of all drop based impairments (Bandwidth Throttle, Packet Drop, Sink Hole, etc)

  • Improved accuracy of all time based impairments (e.g. Delay, Jitter, Bandwidth Throttle, etc)

  • Improved performance and accuracy of the background traffic generators

  • Many more functionality and stability improvements