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The current release of Tempo firmware is If you have a valid Calnex Support Service (CSS) contract, the latest Tempo release can be downloaded from Software Downloads on the Calnex website. Release notes are also available from the same location.

A CSS login is required to access the software download area. If you do not yet have a login, please register on the site.

Version 2.4.6


Enhancements / Defect Fixes

  • Fixed wrong PPS detection in ToD interfaces

  • Fixed incorrect packet dissection of NTP packets (protocol analysis function)

  • Fixed problem related to the simultaneous analysis of PTP and oversized background traffic

  • Phase of IRIG-B and ToD references is now correctly decoded

  • Includes interoperability improvements of NMEA RMC telegrams

  • Fixes an issue related to the decoding of long MPLS frames

  • Includes improvements to the position hold function of GNSS receivers

  • Fixes a bug related to the loading of configuration profiles from SNMP

  • Fixes an RFC 2544 results inconsistency in certain configurations

Version 2.4.1


Improved protocol analysis function with built in packet dissectors for many common protocols including PTP, NTP, DNS, DHCP, ARP, GOOSE and SV. Packet-by-packet delay estimates for time critical protocols.

  • Requires the latest application board.

  • Requires the new Packet capture software option.

NTP client and server emulation and NTP test mode including delay and time error measurements.

  • References board rand OCXO hardware options recommended.

New family of filters for NTP. Includes different filtering rules to select and classify NTP messages.

  • Requires the new NTP test license.

More accurate and simple terminology for PTP latency statistics. Now delay standard deviations and ranges are classified as PDV (jitter) rather that PTD (delay) statistics.

  • Requires that the PTP licenses are unlocked.

Units in Ethernet and IP bandwidth statistics are now user configurable: b/s, kb/s and Mb/s.

Support transmission speeds up to 10 Mb/s in synchronous data communications interfaces: X.21 / V.11, V.35, V.36 (RS-449), EIA-530, EIA-530A.

  • Requires the E1 or T1 test together with the Datacom test licenses to be unlocked.

More accurate terminology for data communications frequency results. Now the unit displays the clock circuit where the frequency was measured.

  • Requires the E1 or T1 test together with the Datacom test licenses to be unlocked.

Generation of custom phase between data and clock circuits (0º, 90º, 180º, 270º) in synchronous data communication interfaces. Measurement of data-to-clock phase in synchronous data communication circuits.

  • Requires the E1 or T1 test together with the Datacom test licenses to be unlocked.

Adds support for the new PHM-24 module supporting an additional E1 or T1 interface in the unit.

More attractive and advanced format for PDF reports. Support for MTIE and TDEV charts and tables in reports.

Graphical export of charts generated from the Event logger function in PDF format.

New Power Management version with more advanced shut down and reboot features.