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Upgrading to version 11.x (Web UI)

Before upgrading to release 11.x of the new Web UI (web browser-based user interface), your SNE must be running firmware version 7.0. The upgrader will check if your SNE is on version 7 firmware, and if not the upgrade will not proceed. If your SNE is running a firmware version older than 7.0, please upgrade to 7.0 before attempting to upgrade to 11.x. The sections below describe the process for upgrading to version 7.0.

Upgrading to version 7.x (standalone GUI application)

Version 4.00 introduced a major upgrade to the underlying SNE system which changed the mechanism used to install new firmware.

If your current version is older than version 4.00, then your upgrade must be performed in stages:

Current Version: 3.52 or older