Calnex SNE: What are the limitations of Virtual Routing?

Note: This article relates to SNE versions up to and including version 7.x. Virtual routing is not yet included in the Web UI (web browser-based user interface).


Question: How many entries can I have in my routing table, for the SNE’s Virtual Routing feature?

Answer: In version 7.0 and earlier, the SNE can have a maximum of 7 routes in its routing table.


Question: How many physical ports can be connected to each Virtual Router?

Answer: Each Virtual Router can only be tied to a single physical port.


Question: Is there a maximum data rate above which virtual routing does not work?

Answer: Yes, virtual routing works up to a few Gigabits per second only. If you have an application which requires higher data rates (or any doubts about the capabilities of virtual routing), please contact us.