Calnex SNE: Which SNE features are not in the Web UI?

Release 14.x of the Web UI (web browser-based user interface) includes almost all of the features that were in the older “desktop” GUI, with the exception of the following:

  • Virtual Routing - the ability to route packets around a network emulation map based on a routing table defined in the SNE GUI.

  • SNMP traps - the ability to generate SNMP v1 traps for error and information conditions.

  • PTP synchronisation - the ability to synchronise the SNE hardware to a PTP master.

  • Reports - the ability to generate PDF reports based on packet count etc. Note that the Web UI does include statistical graphs that update in real time (Bandwidth Graph, Packet Count Graph and Interpacket Graph), and these allow you to download their measurements as a CSV file or copy them to the clipboard for pasting into some other application.