Paragon-X: How can I manually retrieve capture files?

If you require capture files from a previous session, it may be possible to retrieve them from the auto-save directory. Paragon-X automatically stores all capture data in this directory; files in this folder are usually stored for 30 days.

The auto-save folder location can be found using the File→Resource Management menu option in the Paragon-X application:

Clicking in the file location box allows the location to be copied (using <ctrl-a> then <ctrl-c>) for pasting into Windows Explorer.

You may also change the default retention time used for capture files, Since capture files can be large, you may want to reduce the time for which they are retained.

Auto-save file types

The capture files are in a folder called AutoSave in the directory above. The naming convention is: <IPaddress of instrument><Start Time of capture>_<Test type>.cpd

For example, the file 192-168-3-100_20160212_11-39-44_PTP.cpd is the data for a PTP capture which was run on a Paragon-X with IP address starting at 11:39:44 on 12th February 2016.

Each type of Paragon-X measurement capture file has a filename which indicates the type of test data it contains:

File nameContent
_PTP.cpdPTP main capture file
_SE.cpdSyncE measurement capture
_1ppsAcc.cpd1PPS Time Error (Absolute) measurement capture
_1ppsWan.cpd1PPS Time Error (Relative) measurement capture
_2MWan.cpd2M wander measurement capture
_T1Wan.cpdT1 wander measurement capture
_E1Wan.cpdE1 wander measurement capture
_ATOD.cpdTime of Day capture
_AP.cpdAll-packet capture file
_NTP.cpdNTP capture file
_CH.cpdCES capture file
_PA.cpdServices mode capture file
_OM.cpdOAM mode - multimeg flow capture file
_OS.cpdOAM mode - singlemeg flow capture file

Loading multiple captures into the Paragon-X Application

If you want to load all the capture files (measurement types) created during a particular session into Paragon-X:

  1. In Windows Explorer, identify all the relevant files and select them
  2. Right click and choose 'Send to Compressed (zipped) folder'.
  3. Rename the resulting .zip file to .clxz
  4. Use File→Import to import this bundle into the GUI for further analysis.

Your AutoSave folder may also contain a number of .cpz files. These are generated by the Paragon-X GUI when loading .cpd files, and can be ignored or deleted.

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