Paragon-neo/100G: Access Sessions folder across network from a Windows 10 computer

Windows 10 by default has disabled access to Samba (SMB) network shares that do not require authentication. As Paragon instruments are intended for use only in secured corporate LAN environments, they do not have authentication enabled on their share, and so a Windows 10 PC may not be able to access this. This means access to download capture files, logs etc. may not be possible from File Explorer.


It is possible to enable access to ‘insecure’ SMB shares by following the steps below.

Note: before making these changes you should confirm with your local IT administration team that doing so does not breach any IT policy.

Note: depending on its configuration, a Group Policy Object (GPO) applied on any domain-joined computer may overrule this local setting. Again, check with your local IT admin team before continuing.

Start a command window by e.g. Windows Key + R then typing cmd and clicking OK

At the command prompt, type gpedit.msc to launch the Local Group Policy Editor

In the left side menu, navigate to Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Network and select the Lanman Workstation item

In the right side menu, double-click the entry Enable insecure guest logons to display its configuration window. Confirm that this is currently set to Not Configured or Disabled (if it is set to Enabled, there is some other reason for the access being blocked, so this process will not resolve your issue. In that case, consult your IT admin team).

Select the Enabled option and click OK:

You should now be able to access the Samba share on your Paragon-neo/100G. Open File Explorer and navigate to \\<Instrument_IP>\Calnex100G to confirm. If access is still denied, contact your IT support team.