Paragon-X: Can't connect remotely because the port is already in use


I am trying to connect to the Paragon-X from my script. I get an error message that says that the connection has failed because the port is already in use.


First of all check that there are no Calnex programs running - Paragon-X GUI, CAT or PFV.

Next check Task Manager for any Calnex processes and, if there are any, kill them.

If the port is still locked, it is possible that it is held by an orphaned process. Try the following:

  • Open a command shell (you may have to run it as administrator)
  • Type:

		netstat -ano | findstr :9000
  • If any process is using port 9000, this will return with a list e.g.

  • If anything is found, type:

		wmic process where (ParentProcessId=<PID>) get Caption,ProcessId

where <PID> is the PID from above (in this case 31076)

  • This will return the parent process name and PID e.g.

  • Now kill the parent process. If the program is running, then close it. If not, use Task Manager to kill it.
  • Note that there is an outside chance that there may be a series of child processes and so the steps above may have to be repeated.

Note: The above is a real example. It looks as though Wireshark also uses port 9000. Closing Wireshark allowed Paragon-X to be used remotely once more…