Paragon-X: Automation

All Paragon products can be automated using Python or Tcl.

Support for scripting is provided through wrappers. These wrappers translate from script calls into the native interface used by the instruments.

We will be adding script examples to this section of the FAQ over time.

A Perl wrapper is also available but is no longer being actively maintained or supported.

Reference Documentation

The remote control documentation is installed with your Paragon-X. You can access it from:

  • The Paragon-X application: Help->Remote Control

  • The Start menu: Start->All Programs->Calnex->Documentation->Paragon-X->Remote Control

There are three remote control guides: Paragon-X, CAT and PFV.

The Wrappers

The wrappers are installed with your Paragon-X and are normally located in:


The wrappers may be updated between Paragon-X releases. Please see for the latest version.