Paragon-neo/100G: How much storage is available? Is it managed?

Unlike Paragon-X, Paragon-neo (and Paragon-100G) stores capture files locally. How much space is available on it? Does Paragon-neo have any automated deletion processes to maintain available space?


There is approximately 220Gb of internal storage space available to the user on a new Paragon-neo. This space is used for capture files, reports, logfiles and other user-generated data. How much space is required for a capture depends on message rates, what data is being captured etc. so it is not possible to directly translate this into a useful 'capture duration' figure.

There is no automated process to delete old files to maintain available space, therefore it's important for you to periodically manage available space through deleting and/or archiving files off the instrument. Instructions for how to access files to do so can be found on this page.