Paragon-X: Releases

If you have a valid Calnex Support Service (CSS) contract, the latest Paragon-X software can be downloaded from the Calnex Software Download site. Release notes are also available from the same location.

A Software Download login is required to access the software download area. If you do not yet have a login, please contact

X.10.42.15 (29X)

The X.10.42.15 release includes CAT and PFV v29.10.


  • 802.1AS Reverse Sync Time Error Measurement

Defect Fixes

  • [PX-5175] SMPTE profiles do not capture management messages

  • [PX-5166] Delta-Mode Field intermittently set incorrectly in capture files

  • [PX-5165] Flow Wizard does not display message types with newer versions of Wireshark

  • [PX-5162] Wander Transfer Table dwell time is not configurable for some frequencies

  • [PX-5147] ToD serial alarm string not decoded correctly NTPv4

  • [PX-5142] ICMPv6 ND packet not standard

  • [PX-5139] Sequence ID error incorrectly reported for PeerDelay_Resp_FollowUp message type

  • [PX-5095] Get InstrumentStatus Capture "PTP" IsRunning always returns false

  • [PX-5073] Edge case, no Peer Delay Response or Peer Delay Response Fups sent by Master 1

  • [PX-3240] MSE Boundary Clock corruption: Timestamp Jump

X.10.41.17 (28X Update)

The X.10.41.17 release includes CAT and PFV v25.20.


  • 802.1AS-2020 profile and PFV rules

  • AES67 profile and PFV rules

  • AES67+SMPTE profile and PFV rules

Defect Fixes

  • [PX-4754] Modifications have been made in this release to the calculation of Turnaround Time in Peer-to-Peer PTP emulation mode, removing the potential for incorrect results in approximately 1/100-200 test runs. It should be noted that the issue caused results which were clearly in error.

  • [PX-5095]  InstrumentStatus Capture PTP isRunning incorrectly reports status

  • [PX-5114] Measure Link Delay selection not cleared on a Recall Factory Settings

  • [PX-5115] Added check to report incompatible settings file when reloading a configuration from a previous software release

  • [PX-5117]  Change Profile display to Custom in 1588-2008 Profile if alternateMasterFlag is set TRUE

  • [PX-5118] Configure capture settings for 1588 1 step/2step are not reset to 1step on a Recall Factory Settings

  • [PX-5119] Reset to defaults added before loading a saved configuration file

  • [PX-5120]  Change Profile display in Master/Slave Emulation to Custom if PortNumber or ClockIdentity is all 0s or all 1s (ffff..)

  • [CAT-6377] PTP V3 file export as CSV then reimport loses V3 content

  • [CAT-6393] CAT/PFV Components have a dependency on VC runtime 2015, if missing causes CAT to fail to run from Paragon-X

X.10.41.07 (28X)

The X.10.41.07 release includes CAT and PFV v25.00.


  • Added support for peer-to-peer devices that use software timestamping. For peer-to-peer devices that timestamp prior to the device edge, the Paragon-X can now use a calculated mean path delay and so no longer requires the user to specify the delay to their timestamper.

  • CAT: Added support for cascaded media convertors. Allows testing to ITU-T G.8273.2 and G.8262 for transmission technologies other than ethernet with two devices acting as back-to-back media convertors.

Defect Fixes

  • [PX-4969] In MSE mode, port 1 should not be selectable for SyncE wander measurement

  • [PX-5019] 1588-2008 profile – specific Annex J setting options

  • [PX-5025] Configure Capture setting for 1/2-step appears to affect CAT PDV measurements

  • [PX-5035] Displayed PTP offset in Settings Display window is wrong in MSE mode if G.8275.1 profile is used

  • [PX-5045] ESMC Port1 Rx State is not captured when running BC mode test and capturing at the Slave

  • [PX-5049] Need to change Paragon-X Thru Mode Filtering to enable identification of Delay Responses for individual Slaves when in Multicast mode

  • [PX-5060] SyncE Wander Transfer: When Enhanced Defaults are selected, the Lower Limit should be enabled

  • [PX-5074] 802.1AS default Scaled Offset Log Variance has changed from 0x4100 to 0x436a

X.10.40.18 (27X Patch #1)

The X.10.40.18 release includes CAT and PFV v24.00.


  • CAT: Adds support for the ITU-T G.8271.2 pk-pk time error limit

  • CAT: Double-click .cdf now opens the CAT and loads the file

  • Announce messages are now included in the default capture filter settings when using the Start measurement button in MSE

  • Ethernet and 1pps cable delay maximum value changed from 1us to 5us

Defect Fixes

  • [PX-5020] Recording a workflow to set flow filters causes 'settings conflict' error if MSE is started before filters are set.

  • [PX-5011] Script Recorder generating wrong Python format for importimpairmentdata

  • [PX-5010] Trying to load an impairment profile that does not exist gives error "Only files of same capture type can be imported for Replay"

  • [PX-4999] SyncE Wander Transfer Table incorrectly reporting fail on Gain for Frequencies above 10Hz

  • [PX-4990] Configuring TC Test to Unicast results in missing Delay Response messages

  • [PX-4245] Script Generator issue: when importing flow filters cfd file using P-X GUI, script generator does not generating corresponding commands
    Note: The commands are now generated but manual editing is required. There are missing double quote characters round the filename, so the generated script will fail unless these are added

  • [PX-4965] Packet loss when SyncE wander being applied at same time as PTP generation and measurement.
    In release X.10.40.11, an issue was detected which could lead to PTP packets being dropped when SyncE wander was also being generated by the Paragon-X,
    This release resolves this issue, and the full expected range of PTP packet generation and application of SyncE wander stress signals can be applied simultaneously.

  • [CAT-6109] CAT: No Help available for Metric Time Of Day

  • [CAT-6096] CAT: Minor error in mask for "G.8262 standard 11.2.1 EEC-Option 1 holdover"

  • [CAT-6015] CAT: CAT taking many minutes to open very large .clxz file

  • [CAT-5982] CAT: No Help available for G.8273.2 Noise Transfer (Clause 7.3) and Jitter Metrics

  • [CAT-5972] CAT: DTE Pk-Pk metric on graph no longer turns white when pass

  • [CAT-5894] CAT app goes all-white after extended live capture

  • [CAT-5864] CAT: Closing CAT while it's loading a live capture file crashes P-X GUI

  • [CAT-5772] CAT: Report Generation does not highlight PktoPk failures in Dynamic Time Error HF metric

  • [CAT-5404] CAT: Double-click .cdf should open CAT and load file

  • [PFV-533] PFV: Negative correctionField values handled incorrectly

  • [PFV-525] PFV: Rules file for G.8265.1 fails for ethernet type when Vlans are being used

  • [PFV-523] PFV: EtherType is incorrect with VLAN enabled

  • [PFV-517] PFV: Not displaying PTP packets containing >1 VLANS

  • [PFV-507] PFV: No error returned when trying to select a non-existent rules file

  • [PFV-497] PFV: DSCP value '0' reports fail - it should not