Paragon-neo: Releases

If you have a valid Calnex Support Service (CSS) contract, the latest Paragon-neo software can be downloaded from the Calnex Software Download site. Release notes are also available from the same location.

A Software Download login is required to access the software download area. If you do not yet have a login, please contact

Information on how to install a new software release is available in this article.

80.06.00.xx (Release 06.00)

This release includes CAT v27.xx and PFV v27.xx.

Upgrading to version 6 can only be done from version 5.

So, to upgrade from version 4 you must first upgrade to version 5 and then to version 6

Additionally, to upgrade from version 2.1 to version 6, you must first upgrade to version 4, then to version 5 and then to version 6.

Please contact if you require assistance to do this.


  • 50G NRZ Optical: Quick and easy validation of PTP and/or SyncE capabilities over 50G NRZ in addition to 100G NRZ over 2 x 25G lanes using the QSFP28 interface.

  • PTP P2P (Peer to Peer profiles):  Enables easy validation of Peer to Peer profiles such as IEEE 802.1AS(gPTP), C37.238 Power Profile and 61850-9-3 Utility Profile to higher accuracy and at higher line-rates.

  • 1G/100M Electrical: Enhanced coverage for easy validation of PTP and/or SyncE capabilities of DUT over widely used systems that implement 1G/100M Electrical interfaces.

  • 25MHz Wander Measurement: Allows high accuracy frequency measurement to satisfy test needs for 25MHz system clocks, including scenarios for clock recovery with impaired PTP and SyncE test inputs.

Fixes and Improvements

Coming soon… (Release 05.00 Update 2)

To upgrade from version 2.1 to version 5, you must first upgrade to version 4. Please contact if you require assistance to do this.

This release contains improvements to the operation of the instrument when running CTS. PCAP capture files are now fully populated and the PFV will no longer report “No PTP File Loaded"

The following issues have been addressed:

  • [PN-2146] Packet corruption seen on debug Pkt capture on Port 1 of P-Neo when running CTS

  • [CTS-148] CTS testing reports an Error for “No PTP files loaded” (Release 05.00 Update)

To upgrade from version 2.1 to version 5, you must first upgrade to version 4. Please contact if you require assistance to do this.

This release addresses the following issues:

  • [PN-2167] 10G->100G exhibits clocking issues, with internal bus failures and no packets

  • [PN-2145] Instrument Mode / Time Source: UTC label on "Current Time" is mis-leading

  • [PN-2141] FlexE Dropping PTP Packets with IPG less than 56B

  • [PN-2156] Conformance test, SyncE-xxx, wander transfer table oddity; PTP generation stops unexpectedly

80.05.00.xx (Release 05.00)

This release includes CAT v26.00 and PFV v26.00.

To upgrade from version 2.1 to version 5, you must first upgrade to version 4. Please contact if you require assistance to do this.


  • FlexE 100G: Allows a FlexE Overhead Sync Test, enabling 100GbE (4x25G) FlexE interface for testing synchronization as per ITU-T G.8312. PTP and/or SyncE testing capabilities of Paragon-neo can be extended with the same sub-ns precision to the testing of synchronization within the control overhead.

  • E1 / T1 Wander Measurement: High Accuracy frequency measurement of E1 and T1 clock signals

  • Samba access to the internal hard drive is now password protected: See this article for details.

Fixes and Improvements

  • [PN-976] - Exception trying to update fitted transcievers (UTF-8 and database issue)

  • [PN-1025] - Exception trying to update fitted transceivers: System.IO.IOException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: Operation on non-blocking socket would block

  • [PN-1740] - 1 in 30 POST fails due to 10MHz mmcm unlocked

  • [PN-1831] - Jitter limit services for SFP28 interface depend on wrong feature

  • [PN-1856] - IPv6 Neighbour Discovery multicast link layer address is incorrect

  • [PN-1857] - IPv6 Neighbour Discovery request handler incorrectly checks Dest MAC address

  • [PN-1890] - Removing optic stops ESMC generation on the other port

  • [PN-1897] - Add a warning / updated the quick help to explain the use of Slave multicast MAC address

  • [PN-1941] - Neo commanded restart causes exception/error

80.04.00.xx (Release 04.00)

This release includes CAT v25.00 and PFV v25.00.


  • ESMC measurement in Jitter tolerance: Measure ESMC status changes from DUT during Jitter tolerance test

  • Two PTP Masters: Enables testing of T-TSC performance in, for example, switchover conditions.

  • IPv6 encapsulation for PTP: IPv6 encapsulation for generated and captured PTP packets

  • PTP Time Error impairments: Test device conformance to a wide range of standards-based and user-defined impairment scenarios, including ‘replay’ of real-world time-error conditions

  • HTTP File Management: enables upload/download of session files, log etc. without requiring Samba/SMB support on the network

  • “Current User” indication: User can display a short text message in the UI to indicate that they are using the instrument, providing information to other users that may try to connect to that instrument.

  • CAT: Cascaded Media Converter Masks: Specific testing to ITU-T G.8273.2 and G.8262.1/G.8262 with two devices acting as back-to-back media converters.

Fixes and Improvements

  • [PN-30] - IEEE 802.3 Multi-lane timestamping

  • [PN-704] - Allow cable compensation values up to 3000ns

  • [PN-745] - Manual config of IP address interrupted by DHCP

  • [PN-779] - Need to warn users that instrument will reboot when loading licence files

  • [PN-849, 1356] - Match CDR settings to relevant test modes

  • [PN-860] - Custom PFV rules file does not appear in Ruleset File drop down list

  • [PN-864] - Using incorrect tar file resulted in a hard shutdown before connection to instrument restored.

  • [PN-1017] - Debug Packet Capture Elapsed Time and Capture Stopping unclear for user

  • [PN-1041] - Display optical power in dBm

  • [PN-1044] - Enable Master and Slave tests when only one optic is fitted

  • [PN-1050] - Bad packets can cause corruption of the capture

  • [PN-1063] - Seed slave using ToD reference input in Master Test mode

  • [PN-1106,1120] - Configurable log message interval for DEL-RESP messages

  • [PN-1119] - Chrome webpage not updating latest selection on P-Neo GUI

  • [PN-1177] - Modify capture filters to ignore transportSpecific field

  • [PN-1490] - Add field to top of UI to allow a user to enter their name

  • [PN-1498] - Add PTP Profile Drop Down selector for Default profile (1588-2008)

  • [PN-1533] - SFP28 FEC Tx as per IEEE 802.3 2018 clause 90.7

  • [PN-1700] - Quick Help for 1PPS and 1PPS Bal + ToD incorrectly states external references aren't supported

Known Issues

  • [PN-1740] POST fails due to 10MHz MMCM unlocked
    This is an intermittent failure raised by power-on self-test on some instruments.
    The work-around is simply to ignore any “MMCM FPGA-X clocking stat fail” errors raised during POST.

80.02.01.xx (Release 02.01)

This release includes CAT and PFV v24.10.


  • CCSA PTP Profile: Allows generation of PTP messages compliant to the CCSA profile

  • CMCC 5G PTP Profile: Allows generation of PTP messages compliant to the CMCC 5G profile, including the Ultra-Precision Announce TLV supporting device performance to 5G enhanced accuracy levels

  • PFV CMCC 5G Rules: Verify captured PTP messages are compliant to CMCC 5G profile, including the Ultra-Precision Announce TLV

  • Debug Capture Improvements: Allows debug packet capture to be made in a wider range of failing conditions for better analysis of non-performing test environments

  • Improved support for high power class QSFP28 modules

Defect Fixes

  • [PN-1139] Paragon-X automation compatibility: GPSEmulation ToDGeneration enabled by MasterSlave Master #0 Enabled after reset although ToD Generation was not enabled explicitly

  • [PN-1134] In slave test, ARP packets are captured and identified by PFV as del_req

  • [PN-1131] Paragon-X automation compatibility: UserDefined ToD Fields (CCSA PPS Status, CCSA/G827.1 Time Source Type and CCSA/G827.1 Time Source Status) cannot be set numerically

  • [PN-1067] Paragon-X automation compatibility: No command to select the ToD Meas In port

  • [PN-1016] Tar file upgrade: Failed to update software - out of memory

  • [PN-994] Debug Packet Capture Options are unavailable after reset to defaults

  • [PN-976] Exception trying to update fitted transceivers

  • [PN-852] Long term capture of large dataset causes problems

  • [PN-511] Wander Transfer and Tolerance allows invalid values to be set - an error is generated only when test is run

  • [CAT-6109] CAT: No Help available for Metric Time Of Day

  • [CAT-6096] CAT: Minor error in mask for "G.8262 standard 11.2.1 EEC-Option 1 holdover"

  • [CAT-6063] CAT: Crash when (previous) session folder renamed

  • [CAT-6056] CAT: Report Generation - missing images

  • [CAT-6020] CAT: Exporting Port Events gives index out of bounds error

  • [CAT-5998] CAT: Connection dropped to CAT while trying to navigate Open File screen - connection is then restored

  • [CAT-5982] CAT: No Help available for G.8273.2 Noise Transfer (Clause 7.3) and Jitter Metrics

  • [CAT-5972] CAT: DTE Pk-Pk metric on graph no longer turns white when pass

  • [CAT-5950] CAT: Running noise transfer - clicking tab seemed to cause connection loss

  • [CAT-5948] CAT: CAT slowdown when running Time of Day capture overnight

  • [CAT-5772] CAT: Report Generation does not highlight PktoPk failures in Dynamic Time Errof HF metric

  • [CAT-5704] CAT: Open File takes a while to show files and occasionally pops up with an Error connecting to socket

  • [CAT-5404] CAT: Double-click .cdf should open stand-alone CAT and load file

  • [PFV-533] Negative correctionField values handled incorrectly

  • [PFV-532] PFV: Debug Packet Capture Unfiltered Rx capture not loading PTP Packets when background traffic present

  • [PFV-525] PFV: Rules file for G.8265.1 fails for ethernet type when Vlans are being used

  • [PFV-523] PFV: EtherType is incorrect with VLAN enabled

  • [PFV-517] PFV: Not displaying PTP packets containing >1 VLANS

  • [PFV-507] PFV: No error returned when trying to select a non-existent rules file

  • [PFV-497] PFV: DSCP value '0' reports fail - it should not