ITU-T G.8262 (SyncE Clock Performance) One-Page Summary

Title: Timing characteristics of a synchronous equipment slave clocks

On this page:


  • Synchronous Equipment Clock performance specification, covering both synchronous Ethernet Equipment clocks (EEC) and synchronous OTN Equipment Clocks (OEC)

  • Identical in performance to the SDH Equipment Clock specification defined in G.813

  • Specifies frequency accuracy, noise generation, noise tolerance, noise transfer, phase transients

  • Operates over most Ethernet interfaces from 100Mbit/s to 100Gbit/s


Key Contents

  • Frequency accuracy (free-run): 4.6 ppm
  • Wander Generation (Figures 1 and 2):

  • Wander Tolerance (Figure 5):

  • Wander transfer: Low pass filter,
    • EEC Option 1 (Europe): 1 to 10 Hz
    • EEC Option 2 (N. America): max. 0.1 Hz
  • Jitter Generation (Table 6):
InterfaceMeasuring FilterPeak-to-Peak amplitude (UI)
1G2.5kHz to 10MHz0.50
10G20kHz to 80MHz0.50
25G20kHz to 200MHz1.2
  • Jitter Tolerance (Figure 9):

  • Holdover (Figure 13):