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Study Group 15

Key:Device TestNetwork Test
What are you testing?StandardTechnical OverviewTest Guide

GeneralCX7006PTP Profile Compliance: The key to network timing interoperability

CX5013Time and Time Error, A Guide to Network Synchronisation

Interpretation of Time Error Results

Frequency Network LimitsG.8261.1

CX5018Sentinel Field Test Plan for Frequency Synchronisation using PTP
SyncE Clock


CX3002Jitter and Wander in SyncE: Testing Jitter and Wander to ITU-T StandardsCX5001G.8262 SyncE conformance testing: Proving SyncE compliance to ITU-T G.8262 using Paragon-X


The importance of measuring wander on high speed interfaces


Testing EECs to ITU-T G.8262 using Paragon-100G

Time and Phase Network LimitsG.8271.1

CX5019Sentinel Field Test Plan for TDD-LTTE/LTE-A Synchronisation using PTP

CX4005Sentinel Field Test Plan for TDD-LTE/LTE-A Synchronisation in Systems using Assisted Partial Timing Support and Partial Timing Support
Boundary and Slave ClockG.8273.2


Testing a T-BC to ITU-T G.8273.2


 T-BC Time Error: Testing Boundary Clocks to ITU-T G.8273.2 using Paragon-X

CX6002Measuring Time Error Transfer of G.8273.2 T-BCsCX3003PTP Time Error for T-BC: Testing Boundary Clocks to ITU-T G.8273.2 using Paragon-100G

CX5020T-TSC Time Error: Testing Time Slave Clocks to ITU-T G.8273.2 using Paragon-X
Transparent ClockG.8273.3

CX5021T-TC Time Error: Testing Transparent Clocks to ITU-T G.8273.3 using Paragon-X
Time-Aware RelayIEEE802.1AS (gPTP)


gPTP: Proving Time Accuracy for Automotive SystemsCX5030

 Time Aware Relay: Time Error Testing using Paragon-X

CX7003gPTP: Testing Synchronisation for Industrial TSN