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Your guide to Sync standards and how to interpret them

Right now, we mainly cover the ITU-T Standards. We will be adding material from other standards bodies in the near future.

The starting point for learning about the ITU-T synchronisation standards is ITU-T Packet-Based Synchronisation - A Guide to the Synchronisation Standards. Alternatively, you can search for the content you want using the search bar below, go directly to the topic you want from the list of featured pages or browse the table of contents to see what is available.

Study Group 15

Key:Device TestNetwork Test
What are you testing?StandardTechnical OverviewTest Guide

GeneralCX7006PTP Profile Compliance: The key to network timing interoperability

CX5013Time and Time Error, A Guide to Network Synchronisation

Interpretation of Time Error Results

Frequency Network LimitsG.8261.1

CX5018Sentinel Field Test Plan for Frequency Synchronisation using PTP
SyncE Clock


CX3002Jitter and Wander in SyncE: Testing Jitter and Wander to ITU-T StandardsCX5001G.8262 SyncE conformance testing: Proving SyncE compliance to ITU-T G.8262 using Paragon-X


The importance of measuring wander on high speed interfaces


Testing EECs to ITU-T G.8262 using Paragon-100G

Time and Phase Network LimitsG.8271.1

CX5019Sentinel Field Test Plan for TDD-LTTE/LTE-A Synchronisation using PTP

CX4005Sentinel Field Test Plan for TDD-LTE/LTE-A Synchronisation in Systems using Assisted Partial Timing Support and Partial Timing Support
Boundary and Slave ClockG.8273.2


Testing a T-BC to ITU-T G.8273.2


 T-BC Time Error: Testing Boundary Clocks to ITU-T G.8273.2 using Paragon-X

CX6002Measuring Time Error Transfer of G.8273.2 T-BCsCX3003PTP Time Error for T-BC: Testing Boundary Clocks to ITU-T G.8273.2 using Paragon-100G

CX5020T-TSC Time Error: Testing Time Slave Clocks to ITU-T G.8273.2 using Paragon-X
Transparent ClockG.8273.3

CX5021T-TC Time Error: Testing Transparent Clocks to ITU-T G.8273.3 using Paragon-X
Time-Aware RelayIEEE802.1AS (gPTP)


gPTP: Proving Time Accuracy for Automotive SystemsCX5030

 Time Aware Relay: Time Error Testing using Paragon-X

CX7003gPTP: Testing Synchronisation for Industrial TSN