Utilities and tools for use in conjunction with Calnex instruments

  File Modified

ZIP Archive Version 05.20: Added support for instruments that have no PTP options

Jan 28, 2020 by Gordon Muir

ZIP Archive Enhanced Noise Transfer Latest TCL version of Enhance Noise Transfer Script. Built on ActiveTCL 8.6

Feb 18, 2021 by Dave Watson

ZIP Archive Python_Enhanced Noise Transfer Latest Python version of Enhanced Noise Transfer script - note graphing is NOT supported. Tested with Python 3.8

Mar 25, 2021 by Billy Marshall

ZIP Archive Update release of the Noise Pattern Generator for Paragon-X and Paragon-neo. One change only: alpha parameter for gamma distribution can be set between 0 and 100 (was previously limited to 5). Zip file includes Getting Started Guide.

Jun 17, 2021 by Gordon Muir