Sentinel: Releases

The latest Sentinel and CAT software can be downloaded from the Calnex Software Download site. Release notes are also available from the same location.

A Software Download login is required to access the software download area. If you do not yet have a login, please contact



  • OTA-NR Cell Scan
    This release adds cell scan capability for OTA-NR, similar to the existing cell scan feature for OTA-LTE. For full details please refer to the Sentinel User Manual.



  • Added Metrics and Masks
    A range of metrics and masks have been added to Sentinel as summarised in the table below:

Associated Standard


Added Metric

Added Mask

Associated Standard


Added Metric

Added Mask


Frequency Synchronisation


G.8261 Amd.2 Short Chain Network Limits (Fig 19)


Full Timing Support

2Way TE LF
2Way dTE HF

G.8271.1 dTE MTIE
G.8271.1 Max |2WayTE| LPF
G.8271.1 dTE Pk-Pk HPF


Partial Timing Support (PTS) and Assisted Partial Timing Support (APTS)


G.8271.2 APTS Pk-Pk Network Limit
G.8271.2 PTS Network Limit

Defect Fixes

  • [SEN-2514] During a 5G OTA measurement, if the signal loses lock and then regains lock the graph doesn’t update

  • [SEN-2476] During an OTA measurement, the widget was indicating the opposite sign to the graph



  • HTTP(S) Interface
    An HTTP(S) interface has now been added to Sentinel allowing a basic remote control functionality. For full details please refer to the Sentinel User Manual.

  • Continuous Measurements
    An option has now been added to the measurement settings page to allow the user to select continuous measurements. This means that Sentinel will continue to make a measurement on a rolling 24 hr basis.

  • IPv6 on the Management Port
    There is now the ability to use IPv6 addresses on the management port for Sentinel.

  • Disable SyncE
    SyncE can now be disabled independently of PTP/NTP measurements. This feature is available via the mode page.

  • Disable Metrics
    If you don’t want to run any metrics or masks you can disable this on the measurement settings page.



  • 10GbE functionality


  • New options and hardware are required to enable 10GbE functionality. Existing instruments with serial numbers greater than 300000 may be hardware-upgraded for 10GbE functionality; this upgrade is return-to-factory.

  • CAT v24.00 or later is required for data analysis

  • Non-10GbE instruments may also be upgraded to R11

Defect Fixes

  • [SEN-1085] Ethernet Gateway Ping button is enabled when DHCP is enabled

  • [SEN-1151] Sentinel doesn't reach 128 packets per second for Delay Request rate

  • [SEN-1726] Configuring Sentinel from Electrical to optical ethernet results in no RevPDV being recorded

  • [SEN-1781] Apply button will only change IP address / Mask / Gateway setting on the first press

  • [SEN-1796] Protocol check does not detect Delay Response if multiple PTP multicast flows are present

  • [SEN-1803] Moving from GNSS settings page with invalid value on antenna delay causes crash