Sentinel: Releases

The latest Sentinel and CAT software can be downloaded from the Calnex Software Download site. Release notes are also available from the same location.

A Software Download login is required to access the software download area. If you do not yet have a login, please contact


Note: This version of firmware can only be installed on Sentinel instrument with a serial number greater than 00300000.


  • HTTP(S) Interface
    An HTTP(S) interface has now been added to Sentinel allowing a basic remote control functionality. For full details please refer to the Sentinel User Manual.

  • Continuous Measurements
    An option has now been added to the measurement settings page to allow the user to select continuous measurements. This means that Sentinel will continue to make a measurement on a rolling 24 hr basis.

  • IPv6 on the Management Port
    There is now the ability to use IPv6 addresses on the management port for Sentinel.

  • Disable SyncE
    SyncE can now be disabled independently of PTP/NTP measurements. This feature is available via the mode page.

  • Disable Metrics
    If you don’t want to run any metrics or masks you can disable this on the measurement settings page.



  • 10GbE functionality


  • New options and hardware are required to enable 10GbE functionality. Existing instruments with serial numbers greater than 300000 may be hardware-upgraded for 10GbE functionality; this upgrade is return-to-factory.

  • CAT v24.00 or later is required for data analysis

  • Non-10GbE instruments may also be upgraded to R11

Defect Fixes

  • [SEN-1085] Ethernet Gateway Ping button is enabled when DHCP is enabled

  • [SEN-1151] Sentinel doesn't reach 128 packets per second for Delay Request rate

  • [SEN-1726] Configuring Sentinel from Electrical to optical ethernet results in no RevPDV being recorded

  • [SEN-1781] Apply button will only change IP address / Mask / Gateway setting on the first press

  • [SEN-1796] Protocol check does not detect Delay Response if multiple PTP multicast flows are present

  • [SEN-1803] Moving from GNSS settings page with invalid value on antenna delay causes crash