CAT / PFV: Releases

The latest CAT and PFV software can be downloaded from the Calnex Software Download site.

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CAT v28.10


  • [CAT-6636] Support for G.8273.4 APTS/PTS holdover/transient metrics (dTE Unfiltered)

  • [CAT-6718] PTP Relative Time Error support

  • [CAT-6451] Support 25MHz Clock Wander Measurement

  • [CAT-6441] 802.1AS P-Neo Support

  • [CAT-6276] PktTIE Measurement: Increase Frequency Offset resolution

  • [CAT-6713] Digitally Signed Installer

Defect Fixes

  • [CAT-6002] Opening conflicting files from remote control causes GUI prompt

  • [CAT-6206] CloseAll button is occasionally not disabled when opening multiple files

  • [CAT-5955] Paragonset Cat Show hangs with CAT window blank

  • [CAT-5670] api/cat/measurement/DelayReq/D/TIMEERROR/- gives Argument Error

  • [CAT-6583] Starvation mode warning message should not only apply to live mode

  • [CAT-6675] Packet FFO field on Reports has missing text (special characters)

  • [CAT-6787] Peak-Peak statistic is different for Del-Req PDV and PktTIE compared to T4 TE

  • [CAT-6809] Pk-pk Limit Threshold for Time Error Can't be Set Using Paragon-X API

  • [CAT-6751] Mask Fail incorrectly changes to Mask Pass upon application of analysis range

PFV v28.10


  • [PFV-785] 1588-2019 message rate checking:

    • Mean Inter Message Interval

    • Inter Message Interval Pass Percentage

    • Maximum Inter Message Time Check

  • [PFV-638] Provides counts for average message rates based on type, port and direction

  • [PFV-798] When navigating to next error, errored packet is in the middle of screen

  • [CAT-6713] Digitally Signed Installer

  • [PFV-669] 802.1AS - Display TLVs

Defect Fixes

  • [PFV-431] .clxz files don't load correctly

  • [PFV-536] paragonset PFV Show occasionally hangs

  • [PFV-641] Command isloaded returns error if file is not loaded

  • [PFV-758] TCL: Successful file export is reported as an error

  • [PFV-821] Malformed packets always set to Sync type


CAT v27.10

Defect Fixes

  • [CAT-6739] "Duplicate Key" error with duplicated Delay Responses

  • [CAT-6646] Intermittent spike in plot live mode (display issue only, capture data is fine)

PFV v27.10

Defect Fixes

  • [PFV-799] gmClockIdentity display reversed in PFV (rules check is OK)

CAT v27.00


  • [CAT-6638] Add masks for G.8273.4

  • [CAT-6598] Threshold limits set to 167ns to be added

  • [CAT-6513] Add TCL command to control Live Mode participation

  • [CAT-6512] HTTP commands to control Live Mode participation

  • [CAT-6503] Reports: New page for each metric

  • [CAT-6491] Improve DTE LF live mode performance

  • [CAT-6473] Restrict Number of samples processed in Live Mode

  • [CAT-6408] Improved 1PPS / ToD Performance

  • [CAT-6292] GET /api/cat/chart checks that ImageScale is provided

  • [CAT-6528] Improved plot colours in report

Defect Fixes

  • [CAT-6625] Live mode behaviour T1 time error update lags way behind T4 and 2 Way plots when sequence errors happen

  • [CAT-6605] Live mode Neo file analysis stops too early when two step clocks are involved

  • [CAT-6597] Text overlaying on PortEvent chart when events happen close together

  • [CAT-6591] Transient Response export options available when they should not be

  • [CAT-6587] CAT V26.0.20302.2304 - Data Export of Analysis Range to CDF either hangs system or reports error

  • [CAT-6572] Pkt TIE and Pkt FFO do not update in live mode.

  • [CAT-6570] CAT does not report the same ESMC QL as seen on Sentinel

  • [CAT-6560] Boundary Clock Absolute mode for PX (thru mode) should include peer delay metrics if relevant

  • [CAT-6495] x86 CAT silently crashes calculating MTIE for large file

  • [CAT-6486] clkFFO has no statistic values shown on graph

  • [CAT-6435] Fwd CF Accuracy spike on dropped PDel-Resp packet

  • [CAT-6420] Generate Report button is not disabled during metric calculation for Sentinel results

  • [CAT-6377] PX V3 Ptp capture files export to csv correctly but are imported as V2 and so lose V3 content

  • [CAT-6347] TDEV plots have a floor at 0.01ns - all values below this are truncated.

  • [CAT-5653] Require script API commands to return missing message statistics

  • [CAT-5653] Improved API responses to out-of-context missing message statistics request

PFV v27.00


  • [PFV-780] Take PFV out of live mode after 1hr

  • [PFV-723] Support for Power and utility P2P profiles

  • [PFV-733] Updated 802.1AS rules files to support the 2020 test profile available in Neo

Defect Fixes

  • [PFV-757] PathTrace TLV Remote Control Manual Incorrect

  • [PFV-745] Peer to Peer rules files passing when leap 59 or leap 61 set to true

  • [PFV-738] Cannot enable TLV fields in live mode

  • [PFV-710] paragonget PFV PTP Transitions does not include the decoded Correction Field

  • [PFV-623] When switching PFV field visibility on and off during live mode it was inconsistent in application and sometimes changing without user interaction


CAT v26.00


  • [CAT-6140] - Add G.8273.2 masks for media converters (G.8273.2 Appendix V)

  • [CAT-6271] - Add TDEV mask for G.8261 eSEC chain

  • [CAT-6390] - Add PRTC-B mask and rename PRTC to PRTC-A

  • [CAT-6391] - Display FlexE port events in CAT

  • [CAT-6277] - PktTIE resolution increase implementation

Defect Fixes

  • [CAT-5784] - 2 way Dynamic TE HF - initial results seem to be skewed by filter not being fully initialised

  • [CAT-5806] - CAT AreMetricsCalculated status returns false when all selected measurements have been calculated, expect true.

  • [CAT-5848] - Remote Control: Unable to set cTE averaging period or dTE normalisation and remove settling

  • [CAT-6013] - SaveAsImage sometimes saves the wrong chart

  • [CAT-6078] - Generate Report populating the wrong interface at the start of the report

  • [CAT-6126] - Displayed location of generated report is misleading

  • [CAT-6180] - After running out of memory and then trying to load large capture, CAT dies and P-neo needs a re-boot

  • [CAT-6275] - paragonget Cat {Metric} {Statistic} is returning ERROR: Undefined command

  • [CAT-6285] - Live Mode: DTE* metrics don't update if custom timer switched off

  • [CAT-6289] - Export to PDV missing first packet

  • [CAT-6294] - TC P2P using Measured Link Delay - Fwd CF Delta is not 0 as expected

  • [CAT-6295] - Possible CAT memory leak after many small captures

  • [CAT-6296] - CAT Live Mode disabled after only 45mins - following weekend of 1000's short captures

  • [CAT-6306] - When opening PDV file packet rate prompt doesn't let you delete first character.

  • [CAT-6311] - TC: MTIE calculation appears to be using the wrong TE data

  • [CAT-6312] - TC: Exported dTE data does not match settings on the UI

  • [CAT-6326] - CAT and PFV pop up 'File can't be opened now' when file is opening successfully

  • [CAT-6327] - Destination Array Not Long Enough exception

  • [CAT-6328] - Synchronisation Error in Pdv1588GeneratorAlgorithm

  • [CAT-6354] - TCL Cat Export commands always returning error

  • [CAT-6386] - Insufficient Memory on MTIE and TDEV metric, requires -ve (negative) memory

  • [CAT-6389] - Packet MTIE is incorrectly calculating tau

  • [CAT-6400] - CAT Failing to Export files - export not available when measurement is finished

  • [CAT-6402] - Peer delay metrics detect missing PDEL_RESP messages and mark the error on the CAT plots but details are not detailed in the metric legend and are not available from scripting

  • [CAT-6404] - Help for PDD/CDF: Looks to me as though the CDF example is wrong; shouldn't go above 100%

  • [CAT-6410] - Exception exporting 1PPS data

  • [CAT-6413] - Bad cable calibration value in Reports for Transparent Clock

  • [CAT-6415] - After entering starvation mode, CAT not updating with new measurement

  • [CAT-6416] - Generate Report not completing, so cannot save report

  • [CAT-6424] - SyncE wander offset display for ppb incorrect in live mode

  • [CAT-6425] - Calculation Error when running Transparent Clock with G8275.2 PTS Profile

PFV v26.00


  • [PFV-644] - PFV should collect average message rate data for PCAP capture files

  • [PFV-170] - PFV: Some changes to the rules - two 1588 profiles

  • [PFV-586] - Add ability to PFV to compare between fields

Defect Fixes

  • [PFV-388] - Profile G.8275.1 with 1588-2008 rules file fails announce messages

  • [PFV-389] - 1588-2008 rules file takes standards from both Default PTP (Annex J) and Annex A

  • [PFV-500] - Custom PFV rules file with space in name does not appear in Ruleset File drop down list and no warning

  • [PFV-576] - Some fields contained in Rules files do not return FieldErrorCount information.

  • [PFV-580] - PFV fields missing from Getting Started Guide

  • [PFV-588] - Cancelling analysis just closes the progress bar

  • [PFV-654] - G8271 Alarm hovering doesn't show correct flags set

  • [PFV-656] - Source Port Identity not checked properly

  • [PFV-658] - Import dialog has two dset file entries

  • [PFV-660] - CMCC _5G rules file has changed to disallow domain values 1-127.

  • [PFV-664] - Sentinel PCAP files have packet rate interpreted incorrectly.

  • [PFV-666] - Timeout Exception when trying to "View Rules"

  • [PFV-667] - PFV Rules File G8275.1 is not failing the test when packet rate is failing